Finding Your Home

You’re probably looking at homes on-line, right? Heads up – the internet is not good enough!

If you’re serious about buying a house, talk to a Realtor. A local Realtor knows the South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger, Osceola, and Elkhart area in depth.  He or she knows the neighborhoods, the property taxes, the school systems, the home buying process, how to write a purchase agreement, how to negotiate repairs, and so so so much more.

This is too big of a purchase to make it a ‘Do It Yourself’ project. Call in the professionals. Call in a licensed Realtor.

Common Questions On Realtors (And Answers!)

How Much Will Using A Realtor Cost Me?

Temp pic 1Nothing!  When a seller lists their home for sale, they agree to pay their Realtor a fee to sell it.  If you buy directly from their Realtor, that Realtor keeps the entire fee.  If you use your own Realtor though, they split it.

Your Realtor’s office may have a minor administrative fee that you pay when you find your home, but that’s not until you actually close on a purchase.  If you’d like, you can ask the seller to pay that too as a part of your offer which means you would get the full services of a licensed, trained Realtor at no cost to you.  Sweet!

What If I End Up Not Buying A House?

temp 2That’s OK.  Your Realtor knows that they may invest their time in showing you homes and then you end up not buying one.

Realtors do ask one thing of you though.  If they show you homes, educates you well and gives you great service but then you end up not buying a home, please help them grow their business from other sources.  Share their name with others who are considering buying or selling a home.  They would love your referrals!

What Will The Realtor Do When I First Contact Them?

temp 1Your Realtor will meet with you to get a good understanding of just what you want in a home.  They will ask you about your budget for a house, your desired location, the size you need, preferred amenities, etc.

Once they have a thorough understanding of your target, they will search the MLS for homes that fit that target and make arrangements for you to see them.

What If I Don't LIke Any Of the Current Homes For Sale?

temp 1It’s possible that none of the current homes for sale will work for you.  That’s ok!  This is where the true beauty of working with a Realtor starts to shine through.

Your Realtor will set you up with an online search that will email you immediately with specific house details when something that does meet your parameters comes on the market.  He or she will then be ready to show you that home if one of the new listings appears to be a fit.

How Is The Realtor's Search Better Than Online Options?

The search that the Realtor will send you is better than online options (Zillow, Trulia, etc.) in three primary ways:

  • temp 2It’s FAST – you will be notified of a match within minutes of a home being listed.  The online options often have a much longer lag time.  Really good homes can often sell fast, so being notified immediately gives you an advantage.
  • It’s SPECIFIC – your Realtor has tailored the search to match what you want and the properties you are emailed about will fit your parameters.  This saves you time of weeding through homes that don’t match your needs.
  • It’s AUTOMATIC – you don’t need to log in anywhere to see what’s come on the market. As soon as a match hits, you’ll be emailed.  The information will be ready and waiting for you with no additional effort on your part.

Why Should I Pick Just One Realtor?

temp 2Many home buyers will call the Realtor on the sign or website every time they see a house they like.  While they can show you that home, using random different Realtors is doing yourself a disservice.

Picking one Realtor helps you in many ways.  First, they will set you up on that awesome automatic notification.  Second, they will learn your tastes  which will help them pick great housing fits for you.  Third, they will give you excellent, fast service because they have build a relationship with you.

How Do I Pick The Right Realtor?

Temp pic 1Recommendations are the best way to start.  I know dozens of EXCELLENT Realtors and would be happy to recommend one to you.

Once you have a couple of candidates, contact them and see how the fit is.  You’ll know quickly enough if they’re someone you’d like to work with.  Are they answering their phone or getting back to you quickly on voicemails, emails and text messages?  Do they seem interested and focused on you and your home buying?  Are they pleasant to talk to?

If the Realtor doesn’t feel like a good fit, keep looking for one who is.  The Realtor you pick will make or break your home buying process, so choose wisely.

Lori, I need a Realtor Referral!

Other Important Players In Your House Purchase

The Realtor is a very important player in finding your home, but they are just one piece of a team that will make buying a house smooth and successful for you.  Watch this video to learn about the rest of your Home Buying Team.

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What Happens When My Offer Is Accepted?

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