Applying For Your Mortgage Preapproval

Even if you don’t plan on buying a home right away, you will want to be applying for a preapproval early on in the process.

Why?  Because time is your friend when preparing for a home purchase.  I often advise home buyers on things they can do that will get them better terms on their mortgage.

Those things often can take a month or two to kick in, though.  Applying early gives a home buyer time to get their finances in the best possible position to save them money.

Applying is fast (really – it takes 2 minutes), it’s free (100%), and there is no obligation to take it any further.

So how do you apply?  Easy.  Click the ‘Apply Now‘ link below.  

Apply Now

And just what information will you need when you apply?  Glad you asked!  The top seven questions lenders ask are listed below:

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What Type Of Mortgage Loan Is Right For Me?

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